July 7 Bread and pasta

Rosemary Olive Oil
Cranberry Walnut
Plain old bread (french)
Local Spelting Bee

No Brioche and baguettes this week, but they will return when the weather cools down a bit. Looking ahead to the 14th, we’re going to have some special experimental loaves made with local ingredients from Sugar Creek Malt Co!

Fresh Basil linguine
Homegrown Tomato fettuccine
Porcini mushroom spelt linguine

Send a note to sawwhetfarm@gmail.com or text 317-515-0865 if you’d like to reserve something. See you tomorrow evening!


Want to stock up on pasta for winter?

The market is nearly over, and pasta will likely not be available again until next season. If you want to stock up for the winter, you can pre-order for pickup at the last three markets at the link below. Pre-order pasta:

Saw-whet Farm Pasta Pre-Order!

There is a small chance that we may occasionally have fresh pasta and bread available over the winter. If you would like to be informed if we do, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking right here.