Chickens & Eggs

The chickens at Saw-whet Farm roam free, eating the bugs, seeds, worms, and sometimes frogs that are found on our property. Roughly 35 hens live here, along with a couple of roosters and sometimes wee chicks. We started our flock with American breeds like Plymouth Barred Rock, Wyandottes and Rhode Island Red. We have a few fuzzy-legged Cochins (because they are snuggly) and Austrolorps too. Most of our chicks are cross-breeds (mutts!) and it is always exciting to see what sort of babies our hens hatch out in the spring.

Our chickens receive no antibiotics and live in spacious, clean coops. Old hens earn their retirement and live out their natural lives totering around our pasture in the sun. A small amount of supplemental feed is provided to all our chickens, but they find the vast majority of food on their own. As a result, our eggs have vibrant orange yolks and superior flavor.

IMGP4788 IMGP6521 IMGP9221 IMGP7418 IMGP5844


3 thoughts on “Chickens & Eggs

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  2. We are about to be chicken farmers again! Bob has the coup almost finished and is making it portable so we can move it inside out insanely large barn ( we have two barns) in winter. Since I turn 70 this Summer we decided to attempt to make things easier. We have located a poney for Katie and have a lead on one available for Maddie. sheep are a possibility for the fall. All the best.


    • Hi Paula! I am so excited for your chickens and horses. You are clearly the best grandparents ever. I am really enjoying my Clun Forest sheep. They are smallish, tame, and really fun. I hope to see your updates on Facebook!


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