Midget White Turkeys

Click HERE to order a turkey. We have a very limited quantity remaining!

Midget white turkeys were developed in the 1960s to provide a high quality table bird that was smaller in size, and thus more easily managed by small farms and homesteads. At one point, only 6 Midget White turkeys remained alive, but thanks to the efforts of farmers that recognized their quality, the breed has recovered and is growing in popularity.

Our Midget White Turkeys are are pasture raised, free range birds. So free range, that they are often perching atop our garage, or cars. Oy. Compared to today’s commercial bird, it takes more than twice as long for a heritage bird like the Midget White to reach it’s market weight.

You can read about Midget White Turkeys on the Slow Food USA “Ark of Taste” website here.

We will soon be taking pre-orders for turkeys for Thanksgiving 2018. If you are interested in have a heritage breed turkey this Thanksgiving, come by and see us at the Zionsville Farmers Market.turkeyse

We have 2 sizes of bird available:

Hens are smaller, and are expected to dress out at 6-9 pounds.

Slightly Larger, the toms should dress out 8-14 pounds.

We are enabling selection of Tom or Hen, but can not guarantee the exact size of your final bird.

Whichever size bird you order, you should expect a bird that has improved flavor relative to commercial birds. You should also expect a higher proportion of dark meat relative to supermarket turkeys. The breast will also have a more pronounced bone, with full white meat filets that are delicious, but not large as the standard commercial breeds.

All birds will be delivered to the customers freshly frozen.