Salt Potatoes


Bill grew up in Central New York and we both went to college in Syracuse, so we both enjoy a regional food called Salt Potatoes. Ask anyone from the Syracuse area and they will get very excited about this local dish, associating it fondly with summer, fairs, and barbecues. It’s not complicated…just boil new potatoes in salty water (1 cup of salt per 6 cups of water) until they are cooked and soft. Serve with a little plop of butter and enjoy!

Salt potatoes originated in the 1800s with the Irish salt miners who brought small, substandard potatoes to work each day and boiled them in the salt brine. Today, over one million bags of salt potatoes are sold annually in the area.

We use our Red Norland new potatoes boiled in salt water to remind us of home. We hope you’ll give Salt Potatoes a try, too!

IMGP8781-001 IMGP9021


3 thoughts on “Salt Potatoes

  1. The new potatoes are on my list for the local farmers market tomorrow. These sound so yummy; we can’t wait to have them this weekend with hopefully a couple of our tomatoes. Thanks for the introduction to them JoAnna!


  2. Yum! Lived in Liverpool and used to go to the place in N. Syracuse for the clam bakes. Loved it all. Miss that. Will try them this weekend. Mary Keeler

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